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Long Live The Mediterranean Diet!

The ancient Mediterranean civilization is rich with stories of grandeur and historic events. It is one of the most distinguished civilizations that have positively influenced other cultures around the........ Read More

Mediterranean Diet Information

Mediterranean diet is basically the dietary traditions followed by the people of Greece, Spain and southern Italy who live around the Mediterranean Sea. It has been studied by an American Dr Ancel Key........ Read More

Property Buyer's Guide To The Turkish Mediterranean

An established package holiday destination, Turkey has recently emerged as one of the hottest new property spots in the Mediterranean. Good beaches, great scenery and prices much lower than the region........ Read More

Malta: The Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secret

The Mediterranean island of Malta is one of the major tourist destinations for many West-European countries and is gaining popularity outside of Europe as well. About Malta Malta is a small isla........ Read More

Five Tips From An Italian On A Mediterranean Diet

Growing up Italian, I marveled at the women and men, in my family, who cooked. Not only were they wonderful chefs but had a natural talent for balancing food groups. There was an emphasis on fresh p........ Read More

Albania - Kicking It Back In The Mediterranean

If your looking for an exotic place to take your next winter or summer vacation Albania might just be the place to kick back and relax. Albania is a Mediterranean country in south east Europe. Borde........ Read More

How The Mediterranean Diet Beats High Blood Pressure

The Mediterranean diet is not some new fad diet ... dreamed up by a weight-loss "guru" or as a new health measure. It is thousands of years old. People living along the Mediterranean Sea have been eat........ Read More

What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

In 1993, the Harvard Medical School released the results of research that studied the diets of those countries bordering on the Mediterranean. Their findings suggested that fat and carbohydrates were ........ Read More

Areas To Visit On Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Mediterranean yacht charters are one of the most popular destinations for a sailing vacation. This area is the birthplace of modern civilizations. You can explore ruins dating to 3000 BC. The area off........ Read More

Golfing In Spain Along The Mediterranean Coast

Golf holidays in Spain are popular year round, especially in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca regions where the weather allows for golfing even in the winter. Most resorts are located on the eastern........ Read More

Understanding The Mediterranean Diet

As a young scientist Ancel Keys showed that among people in countries where fresh fruit, vegetables and olive oil were plentiful like Greece, southern Italy and southern France- heart disease was extr........ Read More

Altea, The Dome Of The Mediterranean

As you approach Altea, Alicante either from the south coming from Benidorm or from the north from Calpe or Denia, the blue mosaic domes of the church are its landmark telling you that you have arrived........ Read More

A Guide To Taking Your Dream Mediterranean Cruise!

A Mediterranean cruise is without doubt the most varied type of cruise available. There are more than 120 seaports around the Mediterranean coastline, offering numerous combinations of cruise vacation........ Read More

Property Guide To The Turkish Mediterranean

A stunning coastline, lots of sunshine and great value for money have made Turkey a firm holiday favourite for over 20 years. The same things are now attracting property buyers in ever increasing numb........ Read More

The Mediterranean Diet - What Is It?

It has been found that people living in Mediterranean Countries such as Southern France, Spain and Italy live longer than people in other parts of the world. Why is this? It’s what they eat and ho........ Read More


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